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Welcome to the Vashon Maury Island Community Council (VMICC) website. The strength of our Community Council lies in participation

Click here to see the November 16 meeting minutes.

We have elected a new Board of Directors.

During these past months our Community Council has been led by a small group of citizens who have contributed their dedication, leadership and experience to rebuild our VMICC.  That is all about to change. We have elected a new Board of Directors with direct input from everyone in the community who we have been able to inform.  We realize that not everyone on Vashon/Maury is involved, but we’re doing our best to make sure that everyone interested is able to take part.

Our new Board of Directors includes Kyle Britz, C. Hunter Davis, Diane Emerson, Dawn Hylton, Camille Reeves, Nicholas Simmons, and David S. Vogel.  Thanks to everyone who took part in the election.

We registered 356 voters for this election, however only 270 cast ballots.  

VMICC’s new Board of Directors will be meeting soon, electing officers for VMICC and planning our November meeting.

Our most recent meeting was on Monday, Oct 19, 2020.  A link to the video recording of the meeting will be available soon.  That meeting featured an explanation of the voting process, introductions of most of the candidates, and a discussion of current changes to the King County Charter, with the last discussion including statements, questions and answers by the King County Sheriff, Mitzi Johanknecht and the island’s Bailey deIongh.


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