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    Welcome to the Vashon Maury Island Community Council (VMICC) website. 

    The Community Council exists to enable the people of Vashon-Maury Island to address important Island issues. Our community meetings are a forum where all Islanders are encouraged to participate and express their views on Island issues and advocate for change.

    The community council is currently addressing issues including: airplane overflight noise, pedestrian and cyclist safety, and policing on the island. The work of the Council is done primarily through committees. Our Committees page has more information on current committees and how to form a committee.

    Attend a Meeting

    The strength of our Community Council lies in participation. The best way to participate is to attend a meeting.  Info on upcoming meetings, and how to join remotely, are here on the Next Meeting page.

    We look forward to seeing you!

    Here is the agenda for the most recent meeting of the Community Council.  You can get a feel for the next meeting by looking at the timing and the items covered here. The agenda for the upcoming meeting will be up one or two weeks before the meeting.  
    If you wish to be kept informed and receive a link to the next meeting, along with the agenda, just sign up to receive our e-mails. You can do that by filling out the Newsletter signup form in the left hand margin (or above if you’re using a phone.)
    Agenda for 2/15/21 VMICC Meeting
    Please note: All times are estimates

    1. 6:45 Informal welcome to the meeting as people join the call.
    2. 7:00 Brief Technical Overview for Webex:
    3. 7:03. Formal Welcome (call to order)
    4. 7:05 Review and approve Agenda
    5. 7:07 Approve minutes of the January meeting
    6. 7:11 Introduction of Guests
    7. 7:12 Sheriff’s Office Update
    8. 7:25 Eric Pryne: SeaMar Update with Q and A
    9. 8:05 VMICC Committee and Board Updates and request for self-
    10. 8:15 New Business: Update on open board positions
    11. 8:20 New Motions – if any
    12. 8:25 Community Announcements – update from Ferry Advisory
    Committee – Justin Hirsch
    13. 8:35 Open Discussion – Affordable housing committee?
    14. 8:40 Next Meeting Date: Monday, March 15, 2021
    15. 8:40 Adjourn