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Last updated: July 30, 2020

VMICC is a Washington Non-Profit organization dedicated to the community of Vashon Island. Volunteers are essential to keeping the organization running and healthy. There are multiple ways in which you can volunteer such as joining a committee, writing content for our website, helping to recruit nominations for our upcoming elections and more.Current Committees:

Currently Active Committees

1. Nominations Committee

the Nominating Committee functions more like a recruitment committee. Rather than vetting and selecting candidates for the Board, the committee members use Island-wide media and their personal contacts to encourage all residents to consider self-nominating. They are responsible for ensuring that everyone who has expressed an interest has submitted a complete candidate form. The goal of the Nominating Committee is to recruit as many candidates as possible.

2. Elections Committee

In 2020, because of COVID-19, elections will be conducted electronically. We have located a way to conduct the elections with help from Opavote,  The Elections Committee members study and understand Opavote’s system, and the concept of a single transferable vote: This is the type of ranked choice voting used in our type of election, where we are electing a group of people, and not an individual. This understanding is important, because the Elections Committee members need to explain the voting process to community members, and answer questions about it.

The Elections Committee will work with the Communications Committee to promote the election, and encourage people to sign up to vote.

Elections Committee members are also expected to understand and follow the voting procedures outlined in the Policies and Procedures.

3. Communications Committee

The Communications Committee has been designing and publishing this website, writing about and promoting upcoming meetings in the print, radio, and social media, plus designing and putting up posters in the community, in both English and Spanish

Inactive Committees

1. Bylaws Committee

The Bylaws committee met several times to work out the details of VMICC’s bylaws, which were approved by the community at the June 15 meeting.

2. Governance Committee

The Governance committee worked to draft the Policies and Procedures, and worked to make sure they matched up with the Bylaws. The Policies and Procedures were also approved at the June 15 VMICC meeting of the full community.

Committees Currently Being Formed

Airplane Overflight Committee

This committee is being formed now, and so far has one member, David Goebel, who has agreed to chair the committee.

If you would like to evaluate joining a Committee please email

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