Here’s your chance to make a difference on this very important issue. Tonight: Monday, July 11, from 7 to 8:30 pm, there will be a meeting on Affordable Housing. Morgan Brown is the committee chair. Join in if you can….

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Meeting ID: 875 5882 8813
Passcode: 429584

The Proposed agenda is a bit of a follow on to our stimulating discussion last month with Jason Johnson, Vashon Household’s new executive director, who will again be in attendance.


1.       AH Cmte (i.e. Community Council) strategic cooperation/coordination with Vashon HouseHold (and potentially other organizations, such as VMI Land Trust)

2.       AH Cmte Future Focus (related to strategic cooperation in 1.)

A discussion on where best to focus the AH Cmte’s efforts and still provide important services…

·       Leadership on Island housing issues

·       Identification of problems and potential solutions (and their challenges)

·       Raising awareness among Islanders

·       Forum for discussing housing issues/projects both as they arise and that are actively identified

·       Vehicle (Community Council) for advising & lobbying County on Island housing issues