2020 was a year we will always remember, for many reasons. For the Community Council, it was the year David Vogel sparked our community to come together and re-create an improved Community Council. We now have a forum for us all to come together and discuss Island-wide issues, and see what we can accomplish together to solve them.

Many people worked together long and hard to make this happen. Thank you!!!

The minutes from the December meeting can be found on the meeting minutes page. Here are some highlights:

1. Our board is complete, we have officers, and all the board members have identified sectors they wish to connect with.

2. Major Jeffrey Flohr of the King County Sheriff’s office gave us an update and answered questions from the community.

3. We are forming a Traffic Safety Committee to address issues like flashing lights at major pedestrian crosswalks, and a traffic light at the 4 way stop in Vashon town.

4. Additional issues brought up by community members include the desire for a leash-free dog park, more affordable Internet access, and helping Puget Sound Energy move more quickly down the path to remove all carbon sources from our electrical grid by 2035.

Please put in your new 2021 calendar the date for our next meeting: Monday, January 18, beginning at 7pm.

See you then!

Camille Reeves and Diane Emerson Co-chairs, Communications Committee VMICC