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For Vashon-Maury Island, King County is our local government. John Taylor is the director of King County’s Department of Local Services. He will be attending our meetings every other month, beginning in September. At our meetings, John has been very good at addressing Islander’s concerns and questions in the areas he covers:
You can submit your questions in advance to him at, or bring your questions to our meetings. You can learn more about the Department of Local Services here:

At the June Community Council meeting, attendees voted on 3 different logos for the organization. Here is the one that was chosen:

The meaning is to show how much our community loves our island and cares for it. The concept was the idea of Camille Reeves, and Camille’s sister did the original drawing of it. A  professional Vashon designer, Creighton Chamberlain, reworked it into the form you see here. He kindly took his pay in Vashon Time Bank hours.

The colors are land green and sea blue. The font is Aleo. To celebrate the new council’s return, Creighton went with a font that came from a font foundry that’s relatively new – 2013. It’s a rounded edge slab serif that is comfortable and open. It’s also from Lisbon, a city with a strong maritime connection, and has also launched many ships.

Hello council members!

You may have noticed a recent change to the website. At the bottom of each page, a quote on community, or possibly Vashon history, will be displayed. Each time you refresh a page or go to a new one, a new quote will appear. Let’s celebrate and draw inspiration for the community we’re helping to build!

If you have suggestions or ideas for quotes to add to the rotation, email

A number of people have been working on a logo design for the Vashon-Maury Island Community Council. After many ideas and many discussions, we have narrowed it down to the top three logo designs. Now it is time to have the whole community vote on which one of these three they like the best.  

As you think about these logos, please keep two things in mind:

  1. The image is the most important consideration. The lettering will change, depending on how the logo will be used, so please don’t worry too much about that.
  2. The image chosen will be used to help us raise funds through selling items with the image on it. And the image may or may not have any lettering on it. The fundraising items could be mugs, sun visors, carry bags, you name it. The primary market is for us Islanders, but they may also have appeal to visitors.

With those ideas in mind, here are the 3 final logo designs. 

Logo 1. Hands Holding Island

Logo 2: Tree of Hands

Logo 3: Vashon Lighthouse

We discussed these three logos at the May 17 online meeting of the Community Council and will have a final vote at the June 21st online meeting. 

Here are the two ways you can attend Community Council meetings, which begin at 7pm, the 3rd Monday of every month:

  1. Sign up to be on our mailing list. Send an e-mail to You will receive the agenda and a link to the meeting in your inbox.   Or:
  2. A week or so before the meeting, we will have the agenda and a link to the meeting posted on our website:   You can attend the meeting from that link.


We are delighted to announce that two new members of the Board of Directors have been selected by the board, and confirmed at the April 19 meeting of the Community Council.  Please welcome John Affolter and Michaela Olivarri. Their profiles will be posted on the website soon. We look forward to their ideas, wisdom, and help.

More and more families and workers on our island are forced to move to Kitsap or Tacoma because affordable housing is becoming ever more scarce. People who have lived here many, many years are forced to leave their friends and community support networks. What are we going to do about this as a community?

The Community Council is beginning by gathering people’s thoughts and ideas, and forming a committee to work on this vitally important, and thorny, issue.  We are beginning by having a conversation at the March 15 meeting. Send your thoughts, ideas, concerns, questions, and possible solutions to All will be gathered for the new committee to review. Are you willing to help do research and work on this issue? Please let Diane know this, too.