VMICC has a full board and officers!

The Community Council is pleased to announce our full board,  its officers, and the Island sectors they will connect with:

President: David Vogel – Affordable Housing, Business, Culture (art) and history, Food

Vice-President: Diane Emerson – Environment, Business

Secretary: Camille Reeves – Business, Culture and History, Environment, Faith, Food

Treasurer: Nicholas Simmons – Environment, Recreation, Safety

Clerk: Kyle Britz – Affordable Housing, Education, Health and Human Services, LGBTQ, Youth

Board Member: C. Hunter Davis – Culture (art) and history, Faith

Board Member: Mariela Franco – Affordable Housing, Business, Food, Latino Community Outreach

Board Member: Dawn Hylton – Affordable Housing, Health and Human Services

Board Member: Gavin Kovite – Education, Youth, Old Time Vashon