At the June Community Council meeting, attendees voted on 3 different logos for the organization. Here is the one that was chosen:

The meaning is to show how much our community loves our island and cares for it. The concept was the idea of Camille Reeves, and Camille’s sister did the original drawing of it. A  professional Vashon designer, Creighton Chamberlain, reworked it into the form you see here. He kindly took his pay in Vashon Time Bank hours.

The colors are land green and sea blue. The font is Aleo. To celebrate the new council’s return, Creighton went with a font that came from a font foundry that’s relatively new – 2013. It’s a rounded edge slab serif that is comfortable and open. It’s also from Lisbon, a city with a strong maritime connection, and has also launched many ships.