The process of starting up a new 501c4 Community Council while still running our existing organization means that we are now splitting both our board meetings and our community meetings into two meetings, held on the same evening. The first part of each meeting is run as always, with David Vogel chairing the meetings, and the presentations and votes related to the existing Community Council  (the Vashon-Maury Island Community Council).

When we are discussing and voting on startup issues related to the new organization, Diane Emerson takes over and runs that meeting. The interim board has chosen Diane as the interim president of the new organization, until elections take place in the fall.

Once we are far enough along with setting up the new community council, we will be discussing the dissolution of the existing Community Council. Please contact Diane Emerson if you have any questions about this process, why we are doing it, and where we are in the process.