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Rachel  Rome is an urban planner and transportation planner with over ten years of professional experience in design development and review, including both private and public sector projects. She also has experience with zoning and public outreach, among her many skills. It was no wonder that the members of the community council endorsed her position on the Ferry Advisory Committee with a unanimous 27 to 0 vote at our January 17 meeting. Thank you, Rachel, for bringing your skills and experience to bear on a critically important aspect of life on our bridge-free island.

Climate crisis and racial justice motions pass overwhelmingly at the December 20 Vashon-Maury Island Community Council
– Updated King County Building Codes – the Community Council overwhelmingly voted to endorse updated building codes being considered for approval by the King County Council. These new building codes would restrict most uses of fossil fuels in new commercial and large multifamily buildings in unincorporated King County.

– Racial Justice and Equity motion – passed overwhelmingly. An Equity Committee is in the process of forming, as a result. If you are interested, please contact Kevin Jones at

Now that Zoom has made all the features we need affordable, we are switching to Zoom for our remote meetings, beginning with the October 18 Community Council meeting. We should have fewer technical issues, and Zoom will let us show our recordings directly to our YouTube channel. Progress!

For Vashon-Maury Island, King County is our local government. John Taylor is the director of King County’s Department of Local Services. He will be attending our meetings every other month, beginning in September. At our meetings, John has been very good at addressing Islander’s concerns and questions in the areas he covers:
You can submit your questions in advance to him at, or bring your questions to our meetings. You can learn more about the Department of Local Services here:

At the June Community Council meeting, attendees voted on 3 different logos for the organization. Here is the one that was chosen:

The meaning is to show how much our community loves our island and cares for it. The concept was the idea of Camille Reeves, and Camille’s sister did the original drawing of it. A  professional Vashon designer, Creighton Chamberlain, reworked it into the form you see here. He kindly took his pay in Vashon Time Bank hours.

The colors are land green and sea blue. The font is Aleo. To celebrate the new council’s return, Creighton went with a font that came from a font foundry that’s relatively new – 2013. It’s a rounded edge slab serif that is comfortable and open. It’s also from Lisbon, a city with a strong maritime connection, and has also launched many ships.

Hello council members!

You may have noticed a recent change to the website. At the bottom of each page, a quote on community, or possibly Vashon history, will be displayed. Each time you refresh a page or go to a new one, a new quote will appear. Let’s celebrate and draw inspiration for the community we’re helping to build!

If you have suggestions or ideas for quotes to add to the rotation, email